have your own 6-figure SaaS ready for launch within 60 days

don't worry about the technical stuff, we will build and launch your SaaS within 60 days, after which we will actively help you scale using our proven systems that have scaled our previous clients to 6-figures

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who we've worked with

why software?

there is a reason why all the top people in the online space are moving into the software business

recurring revenue

Most business models require you to search for new customers every month. With a software business, people stay with you every month and your revenue builds exponentially.

exit value

This is where software stands out from all the other business models. Once you're software business is going, it can be sold for up to 10 times the annual revenue. This means that a software business doing 10k a month is already worth at least half a million dollars.

no fulfilment

Once the software is built (which we do for you), there is no more fulfilment needed. The software takes care of that itself. The only thing you have to do is get eyeballs to the landing page, that's it.

why work with us?

save time

Trying to figure it all out yourself or with freelance developers will take you months if not years. The fastest way of getting your SaaS live is by letting a team with proven frameworks take care of it.

bridge the gap

Most freelance developers have little to no knowledge about the marketing / business side, which will create a language barrier. We are here to bridge that gap for you to make sure the marketing and development are aligned.

save costs

Hiring freelance developers yourself will be costly when you don't know how to manage them. Can you guide them? Can you check whether their 3 hour work shift actually got 3 hours of work done? If not, they will take advantage of you.

custom code

Our proven systems are just as fast as no-code, while keeping the scalability and possibilities of custom code. Reduce your dependency on a no-code platform and build a professional SaaS that investors will be looking for.

what our clients have to say

"Together with these guys I built a SaaS that was valued at half a million dollars just 4 months after launch. They're serious wizards."

Max London

we've been there

custom platform / mind+

custom productivity tool & functioning chat community for entrepreneurs

software tool / contactbird

most popular twitter outreach tool, scaled to 6-figures within a few months

custom crm / realtyflow

crm built for top real estate agents, contact management, power dialer etc. all included

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our process

our process is designed to get you going as fast as we can

1 - onboarding

The first step is finding the right offer for you and your audience. We will be mapping out the functionality and value of the software, along with pricing.

2 - vision & planning

Once we have a clear offer to work on, we will be developing a clear roadmap and the initial frameworks for the software.

3 - building

This it the part where everything comes to life. We will be building the landing pages and the actual backend of the software. At the end of this phase you will have your own MVP.

4 - scaling

It's now time for launch, we will guide you with our proven launch strategies and help you scale the software afterwards.

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